A new standard of training excellence

Immerse your team fully in our cutting-edge methodologies (Strong Engagement; Dialogic Facilitation). Learn how to design and deepen engagement, spark meaningful dialogue, and drive exceptional outcomes. Custom programs available.

Invest in comprehensive, skills-based training using our Power Skills courses. Pick and choose the courses you need to empower individuals and strengthen teams. See rapid, tangible improvements in communication, collaboration, leadership, and performance.

All of these Power Skills courses were developed by educational programming experts. Content and pedagogy is drawn from relevant theory, real-world experience, and a year-long program we developed and delivered at a renowned Canadian university.

+ Emotional Intelligence at Work (level 1)

+ Communication & Collaboration

+ Group Facilitation (level 1)

+ Leadership & Teamwork

+ Conflict Resolution in Action

+ Emotional Intelligence at Work (level 2)

+ Strategic Planning & Implementation

+ Group Facilitation (level 2)

+ Negotiation, Mediation & Influence

+ Hosting Powerful Conversations / Circle

Why Invest in Training?

Improve team dynamics and performance, internally, across departments, and/or with interest groups.

Courses can be shaped to your needs, and we always develop case studies based on your challenges.

All courses are skills-focused, highly interactive, and delivered by professional trainers.

Offered in-person, online, or in hybrid formats. Available in 1/2-day, 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day sessions.

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Online Training Institute (coming soon)

We believe in capacity-building and social learning for collaborative action. We thus acquired a respected training institute, providing cost-effective courses and certificates in small group facilitation. 

Our colleague Myriam Laberge recently expanded and digitized the training materials and institute she created during a distinguished facilitation career.  Upon her retirement, Engage For 2030 agreed to acquire  the Masterful Facilitation Institute, sustaining it for clients and shaping it to further support activism for inclusion and climate. 

Check out Institute materials at https://engagefor2030.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/MFI-Course-Overview-Detailed-Outline.pdf, and stay tuned for the relaunch of this resource with a new name and URL in September 2024.

Coming in 2025: new courses on Engagement Fundamentals, Advanced E/F Strategies, Inclusive Process Design & Facilitation, Conflict Resolution Practices, Engagement-Driven Strategic Planning, and Communications Fundamentals.


  • Thank you for working with our Management Team to deliver customized conflict resolution training based in relevant theory, but practiced in real-world scenarios. The 100+ trainees (from two large CoV departments) greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn and practice the effective techniques provided.

    Kevin McNaney, Assistant Director of Planning, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • The recent emotional intelligence and leadership training program Engage For 2030 delivered for ten TBS faculty members was excellent! We learned a lot, reflected on strengths/gaps, and then created an action plan to move ahead. Materials were on-point, exercises were interactive, and it was rated highly by all attendees. Thanks!

    Dr. Amira Dridi, Tunis Business School (TBS), University of Tunis, Tunisia