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Sharing key tools, links & other resources we've created or used successfully.
Our contributions to the field include creating our own approach, Strong Engagement. While delivering 175+ projects with this method, we wrote 12 engagement & facilitation guidebooks (up to 125 pgs).
Another area of strength is involving often underserved / marginalized people & their perspectives in projects whenever possible. Supportting values-based processes with & for indigenous people is among our most compelling areas of practice. 
Having coordinated three major university-based engagement & facilitation programs, our work draws on relevant applied theory. We also maintain an extensive digital library, incorporating innovative methods & tools used in our 20 years of consulting. 
Committed to capacity building, we share this knowledge in projects, courses, workshops, & free publications.  See below for some useful resources.

Original resources:

1. Poster for Open Space Technology, co-created by Avril Orloff (artwork), Vince Verlaan, Myriam Laberge, & Brenda Chaddock.

2. Thinkpiece: The Engage For 2030 Eight-Level Model for Transformative Change

3. Project Summary & Insights: The Speak, Listen & Learn Process for the District of Squamish

4. Digital Engagement Toolkit (created with the MODUS Engagement Team)

Recently shared resources:

Liberating Structures methods

Art of Hosting methods

Session Lab library of facilitation methods

Digital Facilitation overview

Dialogue for Capacity Development

BC Guide on Building Aboriginal Relations Capacity

International Association for Facilitation (IAF) methods library

National Charrette Institute – Tools for Collaborative Design and Placemaking

Frameworks for Complex Systems Change

Beth Kanter facilitation resources:

Chris Corrigan facilitation resources:

Resources shared earlier:

For 20 years we have been part of the Art of Hosting (AoH) movement & network, & part of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). We are members of the Africa chapter of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). To access their resources:

An overview of climate change in my home province & region, &the implications for all of us. What does the reality of the “climate emergency” mean to you? We see it here/now, so let’s plan & act accordingly.

Much of my home province burned from a “heat-dome” effect in 2021; devastating rain & flooding later cut Vancouver & region off from the rest of the Canada for weeks. Radical rethinking on clomate is needed.

Mayors from around the world were awarded a major prize for taking action locally on climate & sustainability.

Podcast “Climate Curious: Why fossil fuels are the new weapons of mass destruction” with Tzeporah Berman.

A wildly popular, powerful, free online course on Indigneous History and Culture in Canada. Promoted by Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek (TV show) as info that everyone should absorb. From the University of Alberta.

A solutions-focused book from Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce & founder of Project Drawdown (laying out the top 100 solutions for the climate crisis). Amazing resource.

An important initiative in Canada to begin dealing with indigenous reconciliation & residential schools.


  • In three critical projects, Vince worked with us to greatly enhance collaboration and relationships. These efforts started with our executive team, broadened to include our whole leadership team, and finally involved our entire organization. Vince has done a wonderful job of collecting sensitive information thoughtfully while still ensuring that input had an impact. As a final step in each contract, he helped us develop action steps to address critical issues. We strongly recommend his services to organizations navigating similar conflicts or challenges.

    Stephanie Hallett, People &Culture Manager, Credit Counselling Society
  • Thank you for the excellent approach and facilitation work on our recent “user/resident conflict” over recreation courts. The thoughtful interventions with us and the concerned parties calmed things down and generated a path forward better than would have occurred otherwise. You presented a great tone, calm demeanour, creative ideas, were cost-effective, and helped us handle a sensitive situation at a very busy time…all of which was much appreciated. Getting thanks from the participants at the end of the process was doubly satisfying!

    Gary Buxton, Community Planner, District of Squamish, BC, Canada