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To achieve our ambitious vision for 2030, a range of effective skills, services, activities and strategies will be needed. To complement our mission-driven consultancy (unit #1), we are building a training institute (unit #2), a local economic development unit (unit #3), a public awareness group (unit #4), and an aligned non-profit society (unit #5). Read more below, and let us know what interests you most.

Training Institute

Building capacity for collaboration (strategy, dialogue, communication, facilitation, alignment, implementation, evaluation, policy development, etc.) in organizations, communities and society is core to our mission. We have a well-recognized team providing customized training in all these areas (and in specific topics such as cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution), and offer powerful fee-for-service training (service sheet coming soon) both in-person and online. In addition, we are committed to offering free training each summer to youth activists who would benefit from such additional skills as they get their careers underway.

Local Economic Development

A balanced approach to human existence and happiness incorporates forms of sustainable prosperity, and rejects inequitable, ecologically damaging and short-term economic thinking and behaviour. Drawing from extensive practical experience with LED and sustainable livelihoods, the members of this unit will help expand and drive such thinking and practice with our clients AND in our own projects. We need to walk this walk, not just talk about it.

Public Awareness

Video profiles, conference sessions, E-books, PDFs, and websites will all help the general public and decision-makers learn more about emerging solutions to collective challenges. Engagement success depends on a solid basis of awareness and education, so outreach of this nature will be essential and we have attracted a bunch of creative communicators to help with this aspect of our work. Stay tuned!

Non-Profit Society

Established in 2020, is a non-profit society that seeks to CONNECT innovators (e.g. Mission LOOP) who are creating exciting forms of positive change with others who need to know about and support those innovations. Able to raise the profile of these initiatives, attract volunteers for events and outreach, develop and submit grants, and lead fund-raising efforts for our various pro-bono efforts (all helping to catalyze change), this aligned non-profit recently has had its board revitalized and its strategic priorities updated.