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Taking on a challenge?
Trying to manage change?
Need to gather input?
Want to collaborate?

Engagement is a proven way of working that:
- Aligns your goals, activities, actions, and impact with others
- Generates collective insights and new strategies for success
- Attracts more resources, supporters, and partnerships
- Transform careers, teams, organizations, networks, and communities

For 25+ years, we’ve pioneered engagement and facilitation practices that deliver incredible results. Our "strong engagement" model and services workwithin teams, projects, programs, and/or entire organizations.
Tap into the power of engagement today!

Our Services

Facilitation and Dialogue Events

We design, run, and report from interactive meetings, workshops, forums, retreats, and conferences. These bring diverse views into the room, inject creativity, generate insight, build consensus, and drive action.

Engagement Strategies and Processes

Can’t do it alone? We help you identify, connect, and collaborate with like-minded others to reach common goals. Working well together builds skills, trust, and momentum. Impact increases rapidly.

Team and Organizational Development

Your team’s internal capacity, alignment, and focus need ongoing attention.We strengthen these essential aspects of performance with proven tools for visioning, goal-setting, strategic plans, teamwork, leadership, culture change, and/or conflict resolution.

Education and Training

We’ve delivered innovative adult education in workplaces and through university programs for 20+ years. We offer 10 customized training courses (online, in-person, or in hybrid format) that draw on our tools and experience.

Working Digitally or in Hybrid

Collaborating effectively both online and in-person is now a requirement. Our toolkits and trainings (whether for national governments or local teams) help identify, adapt and deploy tools for this essential practice.

Project and Network Management

When you need some additional capacity, our experienced team can partially or fully design, deliver, and evaluate any collaborative project or network. We also prepare funding applications, mid-point reviews, capacity assessments, etc.