Additional Services

We help you create clarity and momentum, quickly and creatively.
We get into and address the real issues, with input from the key players.

Strategic Planning  

Team and organizational performance often suffers from a lack of clear goals and strategies. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have perfected an engagement-based approach to both strategy and action planning that changes the game.

You can quickly get team and individual buy-in to a shared vision, and have the team commit to priority tasks. Ask us how.

Conflict Resolution

Struggling with poor dynamics between teammates, interest groups, and/or decision-makers? Worried that attitudes and positions are hardening?

We know how to approach, address and resolve such challenges. Our track record shows that even the most “toxic” patterns can be improved quickly. 

Bring us your issues (we’ve seen it all)!

Your Current State:

An ambitious set of goals

Your vision and goals are important & exciting. However, traditional strategies won’t suffice…an approach based on engagement & co-creation is needed.

Want to work as a team

You know that increased clarity of purpose, staff buy-in, empowerment, & creativity will be good for your group. Opening up to new possibilities is exciting, not scary.  

Open to partnerships

Whether you seek stepwise or transformational change, you need the perspectives, ideas, & resources of external groups to move ahead most effectively.

Ready to engage

With courage & conviction, you are willing (eager?) to design & participate in a formal collaboration with others. Aware that their success is your success.


  • Vince deftly facilitated and guided a HandyDart service review process that included many challenging meetings with external stakeholder groups. Participants represented customers, advocacy groups, and agencies with differing levels of experience in formal meeting settings. Vince was respectful and effective at allowing space for people in a way that kept meetings focused and productive. While not an expert in the para-transit field, he quickly understood the key elements and drew out and lead discussion of themes and recommendations. 

    Sarah Ross, Director, System Planning & Consultation, Transportation Policy & Planning, TransLink, BC, Canada
  • You and your team exceeded our expectations with your professionalism and expertise on a critical policy development and engagement project (species at risk legislation). Our needs were complex and frequently shifted and yet you effectively provided a range of services, including strategic planning, team-building, internal facilitation and all planning, execution, facilitation and follow-up of a major event. Thanks also for accurately representing the range of conversations had with attendees, and for reflecting our priorities and interests at every stage.

    Kira Stevenson, Senior Policy Advisor, Intergovernmental & External Relations, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy, Victoria, BC, Canada