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See below for useful/proven formats and exercises for your group work and engagement!

Want some efficient, engaging, collaborative and effective tools (e.g. organizational assessments, meeting formats, small-group exercises, online workbooks) and formats (online or in-person meetings, workshops, retreats, and summits)? We’ve got them, often using  circle-based formats, Art of Hosting tools, and Liberating Structures methods, adapted to client needs.

We pose and ask critical questions (individually or in groups), surface challenges and opportunities, sort and discuss these, tapping into creativity and commitment, and generating momentum and action.  

Reflection and Dialogue (“conversation with a centre, not sides”) exercises help focus on the key things, and Balanced Participation methods ensure that everyone contributes to discussions and solutions. 

Each situation/organization brings a unique set of factors, participants and dynamics and this influences formats used.  Talk to us about this process, and the tools offered below.

Favourites include:

Asset Mapping

Angry Elephants

Appreciative Apples

Congruence Model

Critical Friends


Focus Groups

Future Search

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Recording

Global Trends / Local Issues

Hopes and Fears

Interview Matrix

Key Informant Interviews

Now. Wow! How?

Open Space Technology


Pro-Action Cafés

Socratic Circle

The U-Process

Vision Tree

World Café

World’s Easiest