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Strategies, Processes, Projects, and Audits

Collaboration means doing things WITH a wide range of people both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of your community or organization, rather than doing things TO them.


Supported by communication and action-learning processes, engagement brings incredible results for all involved, both individually and collectively.

Our proven STRONG ENGAGEMENT model is based on powerful invitations, transparent communication, genuine dialogue, creative strategy, and joint action.

Increased motivation, alignment, trust, and impact are the results, every time.


I wave had the pleasure of working with Vince on many important protects, including the sunshine coast biodiversity summit in 2012, Vince has the most amazing ability to bring groups of participants together, often from many different competing perspectives, to focus on critical issues, discuss them deeply, and reach concrete and meaningful outcomes that everyone can agree on. The results of our collaborations have been quite astounding, Vince is a consummate professional and his skills in facilitating meetings and keeping everyone on message are second to none, I look forward to many more collaborations with Vince in the future and i highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to succeed in fulfilling their dreams.

Project Example

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