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Our best thinking, available for your use and comment. Created from decades of experience and reflection.

As part of our commitment to collaboration and capacity building, we step away from consulting tasks to write and post clearly-worded and useful summaries of our models, practices, case studies and toolkits.  We want others to use them as much as possible and so we post them here for downloading, comment and application.

  1. The Infinity Loop Model for Aligning Eight Levels of Capacity (click for PDF)
  2. Our Strong Engagement Method for Collaborative Action (coming soon)
  3. The Value of Engaged Strategic Planning (coming soon)
  4. The Speak-Listen- Learn Community Discussion Model (coming soon)
  5. Ten Core Capacities for Strong Engagement Practitioners (coming soon)
  6. The Transformative Effect of Visioning and Back-Casting for Change (coming soon)
  7. What Happened (and didn’t) at COP26 in Glasgow (coming soon)
  8. Why Communication and Culture are Key to Successful Collaboration (coming soon)