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PDFs & Links

Here you will always find carefully curated and well written information about people doing cutting edge work to take action on critical issues, and/or important pieces of journalism, analysis or strategy. Take a look and tell us what works for you and what doesn't (and why).

Item 1. For 20 years we have participated in and supported the Art of Hosting movement and its global network, as well as the work of the International Association for Public Participation. We have recently become members of the Africa chapter of the International Association of Facilitators. Click on any of the three links provided to access their resources, case studies and other offerings.

Item 2. This very recent article provides a solid overview of what is happening in my home province and region right now, and the implications for all of us. What does the reality of the local and global “climate emergency” we are all facing mean to you? We see it here and now, so let’s plan and act accordingly, not from some past steady-state worldview.

Item 3. Much of my home province recently burned from a “heat-dome” from climate change, and now record devastating rain and floods has cut Vancouver and region off from the rest of the world. Radical rethinking needed….and not radical anymore.

Item 4.  Mayors around the world awarded major prize.

Item 5. The podcast “Climate Curious: Why fossil fuels are the new weapons of mass destruction” has just been released.
Listen to the incredible Tzeporah Berman spell out the urgent need for a global Non-Proliferation Treaty for Fossil Fuels, like the one for nuclear weapons.

Item 6. A wildly popular, powerful and free online course (a “mooc”) on Indigneous History and Culture in Canada. Promoted by Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek (TV show) as information everyone should take the time to absorb, and run by the University of Alberta.

Item 7. Two of our award-winning projects are featured here, and the profiles of the projects (Core Values award for Diversity and Inclusion / Surrey; Innovation award for Visual Engagement / Squamish) have a short video profile to watch

Item 8. Please look closely the new solutions-focused book from the author of The Ecology of Commerce and the founder of Project Drawdown (top 100 solutions for the climate crisis). Amazing resource.

Item 9. An important step and initiative in Canada to begin dealing with reconciliation and residential schools. Please read to understand.