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Mission & Values

Our Mission
Engage For 2030 is a purpose-driven firm helping organizations and communities act effectively on the most pressing issues of this decade. Powerful visioning, strategy, dialogue, and innovation tools increase focus, momentum, capacity, and influence on what you most care about.

We try to connect civil society, government, business, and academia in every project. Collaboration (both internally and externally) is the key to success, multiplies impact, and drives change.
Our Vision
Substantial progress has been made by 2030 on all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and a successful “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration” has begun to heal the earth and reverse climate change.

We no longer live in fear of rising seas, forest fires, pandemics, economic crises, or social inequity. People, communities, and organizations everywhere are thriving, caring for each other and for nature.
Our Values

We believe in Stewardship: protecting and restoring the local and global ecological systems on which life depends, so we will reduce the ecological footprint of social and economic activity, and support ecosystem restoration and balance


We believe in Inclusion: ensuring that everyone who wishes to can have a meaningful voice in the issues and decisions that affect them, so we expand, diversify, and listen to the voices and perspectives engaged in decision-making, and the policies and projects that follow


We believe in Social Equity (ensuring just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate and reach their full potential), so we identify, develop, and support decisions, policies and actions increasing the equitable distribution of voice, power, opportunity, and resources in our communities, our organizations, our countries, and globally


We believe in Sustainable Prosperity (equitable, long-term economic activity meeting the needs of the population fairly, while minimizing environmental impacts), so we help reduce economic inequality, dematerialize economic flows, and build a restorative and circular economy


We believe in Reconciliation (establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples) and Respect for people of all cultures, continuously working to better understand, atone for, and help address past injustices and their current manifestations


We believe in Ongoing Learning (supporting the conscious and ongoing expansion of knowledge, skills, and insights), so we actively develop and maintain a reflective organizational culture, valuing openness, humility, discussion, collaboration, and exploration as we build our practice, networks and influence.